(1) Authentic Mentoring with Co-design features

Working with individuals to bring clarity and support to their ideas, work issues or in transition.

Central to this service is the development of the 'co-design process' as we move through the sessions.

Aspects and contributions to the design process evolve, throughout the sessions.


  • 30 minutes face to face consultation

  • Handout provided (conditions & terms)

Client decision to proceed:

  • Mentoring is undertaken in blocks of four sessions.

  • The first session determines the outcomes desired but the process evolves with clients contributions and determinations.

  • Each session consists of 2 hours face to face and Bear Fruit allocates one hour for design work prior to and proceeding sessions.

  • That each block of four sessions to be completed in a 6 week period.

Clients decide after 4 sessions if they need to remain:

  • The fundamental purpose of this service is to enable clients to move forward... rather than retain.

(2) Qualitaitve researcher

Viti with her 2nd self-published book

Current Bear Fruit Resource Projects for 2018:

  • Researching and collaborating data for Viti's 3rd book. This book's focus will be, Langishing and Flourishing within a New Zealand context.

  • Updating, Look What Can you See picturebook.

(3) Community projects