Viti Simmons is the Founder of Bear Fruit which was established in 2008.

In 2003-2006 a seed of an idea transformed into another then another then another.

A decade on her endeavors continue, through self-employment, to pursue activities that contribute towards Social Change.

Viti's scholarly activism and looking for answers has been undertaken beyond institutions since 2011.

2017 ongoing - Authentic Mentoring with Co-Design Features

Over a number of years, Viti has observed the value of her authentic and co-design approach to mentoring.

In late 2017, Viti formalized Bear Fruit's Mentoring program  with clients in the Community Sector.

Those interested in Viti's Mentoring Program:

1. Q & A sheet with online Expression of Interest form available at

2018 Viti's 3rd Manuscript (New Zealand Context)

This project has been many years in the making. Viti feels like what has come before has prepared her for this endeavor.

Viti's focus of this book explores her maternal Maori heritage from 1830's - 1960's. These women came from the Hokianga in New Zealand.

2017 Local and National Activities

  • Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) Canberra. Team member for designing small business, 'Start-up' Workshop Program, for Tonga, South Pacific.
  • Sudbury Community House (SCH), Mirrabooka, Perth. Implemented co-design process with staff members for national funding application.
  • SCH volunteer with English conversation classes for migrant women.
  • Australian Business Volunteers Alumni - contributor to the development of a Mentor Program for Business Link, Pacific.

2017 International Activities

  • Assignment with REACH (NGO) Hanoi City, Vietnam from March - June 2017. Role was Small Business: advisor, development of education and training hairdressing programme and mentoring for established E.M. Salon (Social Enterprise).
  • Self-published memoir for New Zealand clients from July - November. Role included, advisory, manuscript draft and internal book design.
  • Alumni Member: Leadership WA FLWA09 | Cranlana | UWA Business School - Centre for Social Impact | Murdoch | ECU

Hands with Hands Ambassador