Viti Simmons is the Founder of Bear Fruit which was established in 2008.

In 2003-2006 a seed of an idea transformed into another then another then another.

A decade on her endeavours continue, through self-employment, to pursue activities that contribute towards Social Change.

Viti's scholarly activism and looking for answers has been undertaken beyond institutions since 2011.

Authentic Mentoring with Co-Design Features

Over a number of years, Viti has observed the value of her authentic approach to mentoring, previously applied as 'value add', rather than a stand-alone service.

In late 2017, Viti formalised Bear Fruit's Mentoring program already bearing fruit with a client in the Community Sector.

Those interested in Viti's Mentoring Program:

1. Q & A sheet with online Expression of Interest form available at

2018 Viti's 3rd Manuscript (New Zealand Context)

This project has been many years in the making. I feel like what has come before has prepared me for this endeavour.

My aim is to have the manuscript completed towards the end 2018.

I am blogging also to assist in the process of gaining a better understanding of the Maori maternal side of my heritage.

2017 Local and National Activities

  • Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) Canberra. Team member for designing small business, 'Start-up' Workshop Program, for Tonga, South Pacific.
  • Sudbury Community House (SCH), Mirrabooka, Perth. Implemented co-design process with staff members for national funding application.
  • SCH volunteer with English conversation classes for migrant women.
  • ABV alumni contributor to the development of a Mentor Program for Business Link, Pacific.

2017 International Activities

  • Assignment with REACH (NGO) Hanoi City, Vietnam from March - June 2017. Role was Small Business: advisor, development of education and training hairdressing programme and mentoring for established E.M. Salon (Social Enterprise).
  • Self-published memoir for New Zealand clients from July - November. Role included, advisory, manuscript draft and internal book design.
  • Alumni Member: Leadership WA FLWA09 | Cranlana | UWA Business School - Centre for Social Impact | Murdoch | ECU

Hands with Hands Ambassador