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My unique mentoring service has evolved over time.

Previosuly, it has been a 'value add' component whilst undertaking; probono activities, involvement with Leadership WA Skillsbank or Bear Fruit services.

Therefore, I am delighted to announce that the formalised VERSION is NOW AVAILABLE.


Q.1. What do you mean by, Authentic Mentoring?

ANSWER: I discovered my Authentic Leadership style whilst participating in The Leadership WA 10-month Signature program in 2009. In its simplist form, an Authentic Leader is a person who applies a 'genuine approach' to their work.

Q.2. What does co-design in a mentoring context mean?

ANSWER: This requires ongoing contributions from the client as we move through the sessions. In some instances, the design phase may evolve within the session/s. This ensures that the clients needs or ideas are being met and staying within the framework of their choosing.

Q.3. Value of program?

ANSWER: I am currenlty working with a client and her responses are validating. Previous anecdotal comments have been the catalyst to my formalising this NEW Bear Fruit service.

Q.4. Who would benefit from this service?

ANSWER: Those looking for a mentor who creates: a neutral environment, listens deeply, provides clarity, assists with transitioning or helping clients move forward.

Q.5. What does the mentoring makeup include?


  1. I will respond to your EOI on the link email link below. A time to for a 30 minute introduction, face to face.

  2. Mentoring sessions include four (4 x 2 hours face to face sessions) over a 6-8 week period.

  3. Each session has three (3) hours costed. One (1) hour is put aside to assess, undertake analysis of data documented and determine the approach/tools for the follow-up session.

  4. At the conclusion of the four (4 x 2 hours face to face sessions) part of the final session will wrap up the mentoring process.

  5. If at a later date a client requires further mentoring then they determine how many sessions are necessary.

EOI - Please fill in the form below and submit.

Thank you.

Viti Simmons