Will and Kuia

Feasibility Study


Your support is appreciated and your input will remain confidential.

Joining the dots for this study, with the right set of circumstances, is exciting indeed.

What started off as an enjoyable pass time with grandson Will and my passion for designing and costume making has bought me to this point.

My workplace environments have been varied, rewarding, challenging and always with a lens on creating social change.

This study will be looking at the feasibility of an online Social Business Model that will address a gap in the marketplace for children and youth who have an autism spectrum disorder and/or sensitive skin, referred to as sensualness.

• A support group has been established.
• Development and trialing of fabric products is ongoing.
• Sample research commences in July 2018.
• Bear Fruit e-newsletter, journal and email updates will be the form of communication applied.
Bear Fruit - Merging Social with Business Innovation as a tool for creating social change.