Short Term Relief Coverage: 

Coverage for a staff member or support while filling a position: Manager, Community Development, Fostering, Developing and Implementation of Activities and Projects

Consulting Services: Advisor & Practitioner

1. Assessing social enterprise feasibility

2. Developing economic and personal resilience 

3. Qualitative research methods (Grass Roots)   

Small Business Acumen / Community Development: Advisor & Practitioner

1. Community assessment for women's economic activities  

2. Women in small/micro businesses 

3. Building resilience and pathways 

Bear Fruit Education & Training - Applied Case Study 

1. Design education & training for women in small/micro businesses

2. Reflecting community needs and context

3. Building resilience and raising awareness of moving towards self-sustainability

Public Speaking Platform:

1.  Journey of a s ocial entrepreneur - Warts & All. 

2.  Importance of walking the talk aligned with SELF-LEADERSHIP

3.  Innovation unlocks - but you need a KEY.

4.  Reality as an emerging independent AUTHOR.

Viti Contact Details:


Mob: 0428 174 546

Mob: +61 428 174 546