Women in Business Giving Circle (WiBGC) 2013

Feedback from International President Hands with Hands (NGO) Nepal

Kira KayIn addition to the general news about the microcredit that I attach [Detailed microcredit report for 2013], I add a bit more background as well - the funds that you had sent have contributed to the advanced cooperative training that the Jutpani members participated in during June/July of this year - which has had significant impact! Plus I used some of the funds for Shila's intensive training, which will benefit all members in both groups.

There is some left over which will be used now for the Shivanagar group to participate in basic cooperative training. These trainings we are seeing are having a big impact on what the women can see of their own potential plus what they can onwardly develop.

Overall when you are next in Nepal [October/November] for a visit you will witness significant improvements in so many ways. It is not fully in place yet, but it also looks like some synergy with a Bamboo/eco project may evolve with the member in Jutpani, giving them new options for business which is also having a positive effect on the environment - will have more on that in my next visit, which will be in early April of this year.