2016 Annapurna Orphanage Childrens Home - Pokhara Nepal

Annapurna childrenThe Hands with Hands motto, 'give the net , not the fish' translates into - giving people the skills nd tools in their hands to help themselves.

I have seen firsthand the results of this over a period of time and the results have been remarkable.

Kira's latest newsletter provides an update of where the Annapurna Vision is at in 2016. This was commenced back in 2013 and the foundations for this vision has been from philanthropic donations.

Some of those donations have contributed to the Annapurna Vision in 2016. Others have gone towards the building of 8 classrooms at Naryansthan Higher Secondary School combined with on-the-job training in earthquake safe eco-building being one of those.

  • Planting 250 Bamboo seedlings to provide future building materials and opportunties

  • Development and expansion of the Organic Farm supporting Annapurna Orphanage

  • Upgrading of dining room and kitchen facilities at the orphanage and relocation of main house.

Hands with Hands 2017 'wish list' in Euro dollars is:

  • Purchasing a rotor hand tractor plough for the Annapurna Organic farm = 1,000.00

  • Floor finishing and wall painting of the Bhaktapur Orphan Children's Home in Kathmandu = 4,000.00

  • Building of toilets and provisions of secure water supply in shools (earthquake areas) to ensure adaquate sanitation needs = 3,500.00

  • Skills training and loan provision in Hands with Hands new microcredit location = 2,5000.00

  • Rebuilding of schools/on the job training in earthquake saafe eco-building = 45,000.00

  • Complete payment on our Organic Farmland acquisition = 35,000.00

Donations can be made directly to Hands with Hands website link

Production of rice on Annapurna Farm

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