Kira Kay Update: Microcredit co-operatives in Chitwan District, April 2012

Board Members of Jutpani - 3 day Cooperative Board Members & Operations Training.

"Board Members of Jutpani - Shree Nava Udya savings and credit co-operative . We provided for three days co-operative manage,ment & Operations training for the Board members, staff and interested members of our Jutpani village microcredit group.

The women have reported that they now feel much more confident in operating the cooperative and are now expressing interest in doing further training, so that they can continue to grow the village cooperative and include more new members and involve the surrounding villages too! Learning how we are all connected. We also sponsored the Board members for travelling to visit to the oldest cooperative in the District of Chitwan for observation, training and collaboration. The funding covered the bus hire and a picnic lunch.

The sewing program has just now started and on the next visit then I can see and report the progress. Our plan is to start first in Jutpani village and see how it flows for the first six months.

We have also added into the 'Loan' fund of the Jutpani cooperative to allow continued growth of the giving of loans. This includes a subsidized loan to the newly trained animal
husbandry worker to set up a special facility to offer animal good health tips.

With the additional training, the Board members are managing the loans, the coordination and decision making more confidently. And with much laughter they say they will keep growing stronger - Board Members of Shivanangar. The village community building, which is also 'Gaucharan savings & credit co-operative' used by the co-operative.

We have made a contribution to the materials for cement and tin, for helping the village construct community building. The villages, provided all the labour, and also every family made some contributed to the costs as well." (Author Kira Kay July 2012).