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Kira Kay International President HwH's"Sarada and I have been evaluating many aspects of our childrens home... in many ways the home is going wonderfully well - the chidlren are healthy and happy, they have achieved top marks in their sStudents heading off to college. chool, including a few of them gaining distinctions.

The team working within the Home, Sarada and the three addtional mothers, are happy and enjoying their commitment. The vegetable production is excellent, providing the Home with fresh organic vegetables every day, thus making a substantial savings on spending. Additionaly the milk from the cows and buffalo provide 10 litres every day for the children.Viti in Annapurna Orphanage garden 2011.

The excess of both vegetables and milk is sold locally, providing a small income to pay for other food and essentail items we don't grow. Due to hygiene issues we have closed the larger chicken production, but Sarada and twins maintain a few chickens for the eggs and meat for use within the Home. (It has meant a loss of income closing the chicken farming).

On a practical and self-sustaining level, we need a next step. Currenlty we rent the house and land that the Home is located. Each month this is quite a large expense. Plus the cost of food (that we don't produce), school fees, books, clothing, essential items like soap and oil - all have increased substantially in the past few years and this is a continuing trend.

So ... Sarada and I have a plan!

We are negotiating to buy land nearby and build up our buildings and farm so we no longer need to pay rent, thus reducing a major cost. This will give us long term security. Plus it will allow expansion of our farming and living needs that are not possible in our current location. We have identified the first bit of land and are in negotiations for the purchase. We are almost, but not quite enough for the first step!"

We have come up with some ideas how you might help!

Sarada viewing the land that is being purchased in August 2011.1. Make a 'one off" donation.

2. Make a yearly or monthly regular donation of any amount small or large.

3. Share our news with your friends.

4. Create a donation box in your home or business to collect funds and use as a talking point with friends and family.

Long Term Vision - Part 1

Vision is to build upon the current dwelling when funds are available." We would like to create and build a Home that is safe and eco-friendly place for the children to live. To build structures in accordance with current earthquake standards as we live in a high earthquake risk area. With enough land for agriculture and that easily maintains a hygiene and safe environment for the children ... Our plan will also continue to employ marginalised women as our live-in mothers and farming support."

Step 1. Purchase first phase of land in August 2011.

Step 2. Purchase two additional buffalos.

Step 3. Building and equipping chicken house for egg production.

Step 4.Farming the land with rotation crops to achieve maximum production.

We consider this Vision is like our Mount Everest, we have taken the first steps but we have quite a bit more to achieve."

Sponsorship Payment Options

1. Kira's personal account in Australia (from where she sends money direct to Nepal)
Bank: Westpac Bank, Byron Bay
Account name: Kira Kay
Account #: 53-1427
BSB #: 732-573


2. Send directly to the Children Home account
Account number: 050700004070
Swift code: BOKLNPKA

It is with thankfulness and excitement that we have begun action already on this Vision! https://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/annapurnahome?sk=wall

Sarada and Kira.