2011 Hands with Hands (HwH) Microcredit Projects - Nepal Fieldwork

Undertaken after a request by Kira Kay International President of HwH.

Viti & Shila KC

The specific purpose of this project was to conduct interviews targeting HwH microfinance cooperatives in Chitwan District.

An outsiders perpsective was sought to :

1. identify what Nepali individuals and families perceived as important and beneficial in their lives with respect to HwH's provision of microcredit

2. quantify how they felt about the loans and highlight what changes in their life could be attributed to the loan.

This report is available read more

Viti is returning to these projects in November 2014 and has contributed by establishing microfinance giving circles. These donations go directly to requested training needs of women linked to microfinance cooperatives read more

A new microfinance cooperative is being established in Madi (Chitwan District) and the John Curtin Leadership Academy Community Project in Perth has assisted in this with their Hands with Hands Microfinance Giving Circle - 2014. One of the students who was part of this community project will also be joining Viti in Nepal in November. The philosophy of these giving circles is women in the developed world empowering women in the developing world.

Donations go direct to the projects targeted and Viti overseas this process.