Qualitative Research and Fieldwork 

1. 2017-2021 Bear Fruit Published Non-Fiction 'Hikoi of Discovery', Historical, Bibliography (5 Generations):

2. 2019-2020 Sudbury Community House (General Manager)

  • WA State Govt. procurement funding for Empowering Community Program Activities: Outreach and Set-up Social Enterprise Education Hub at SCH
    • Develop an Outreach facility in partnership with The Square Mirrabooka.
    • Ideation, development and implementation stages all require research-based information gathering.
    • Presented on this successful outcome to Centre Management Marketing Teams 

3. 2019 International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) Fiji South Pacific Region - Australian International Volunteers Assignment (AVI)

  • Six-month AVI assignment (Resource Mobilisation and Social Enterprise Advisor) to South Pacific Member Associations
  • Undertook research to and develop resources to raise awareness of the benefits of Social Enterprise for Suva IPPF staff and member countries
  • Kiribati IPPF members were successful in gaining A Federation IPPF Scholarship (4 Weeks) hosted by Sri Lanka Family Planning Entrepreneur Hub to assist in the MA Social Enterprise Initiative.