Authentic Leadership - Definition

Viti interview with member and board members of Microfinance Cooperative The following authors (George, 2003; George & Sims, 2007) have contributed to the emergence of both practitioner and scholarly interest in Authentic Leadership (AL).

Their five dimensions of AL resonate with my Leadership style and practices:

(1.) Pursuing purpose with passion

(2.) Practicing solid values

(3.) Leading with heart

(4.) Establishing enduring relationships; and

(5.) Demonstrating self-discipline.

Leadership WA

Viti was a recipient of a Regional Scholarship sponsored by Rio Tinto to participate in Leadership WA 10-month Signature program in 2009.

Upon graduation Alumni have the opportunity to engage with LWA Skillsbank Projects assiting Not for Profit organisation across WA pro bono (2010 - 2017).

Bear Fruit Leadership Activities

(1.) Linkwest Board Member 2015-2017.

(2.) Bear Fruit Non-Fiction Self-Publications (2013 & 2016)

(3.) Ambassador for Hands with Hands (NGO) Nepal (2012 - 2016).

(4.) John Curtin Leadership Academy S1: 2013 Community Project (Feb-June) linked to Hands with Hands Microcredit Projects in Nepal.

(5.) Establishing 'Giving Circles' for sponsoring Microfinance Cooperative training opportunities for women in Chitwan District, Nepal.

(6.) Coordinator for Pilbara Regional Experiential Leadership program, Pilbara Region W.A. (2012).

(7.) Qualitative research undertaken on behalf of Hands with Hands in Nepal (2011 & 2014).

John Curtin Leadership - Community Project Group