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A tree needs water to bear fruit: Enterprising women creating reservoirs for poverty alleviation

Self-published - Non-fiction Resource Book
Launched 8 March 2013
Pilbara Womens Network - IWD Event - Karratha WA


In 1973, a young woman arrived in a remote Western Australian mining town. While brimful with ambition and hope, her mind set on buying a hair salon, she needed the faith of a family member to back her financially as banks wouldn't even consider her for a loan. So it was that Viti Simmons became a woman of enterprise. Nearly forty years later, and a world away in Nepal, Viti realised the parallels between her past situation and that of women in developing countries: and the difference microcredit could make.

A tree needs water to bear fruit taps into the commonalties of women in small business globally. As Viti observes, the primary pillars of her life - family, culture, enterprise, community and the environment - ring true with many, regardless of circumstance. In drawing together first-hand experiences from fieldwork expeditions in Australasia and Nepal, journal readings, concepts, images and ideas, Viti presents the groundwork for a new wave of philanthropy - one that shifts the ability to make an extraordinary difference within grasp of those who may not be 'ultra high net worth' individuals.

7inches x 10inches - Colour and Indigo / silk paper back - 70 pages

Womens health, small business women, microcredit, microfinance cooperatives, community leadership and philanthropic franchising.

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