Book 1 readers feedback

My main message is that it isn't just about business; it touches the human spirit and the human capacity for growth.

I found Viti's book inspiring on many levels. I am in business myself, as a Personal and Business Coach; my motivation springs from inspiring others to be the best they can be. I sometimes find my values being compromised as I seek to market my business. A tree needs water to bear fruit enabled me to view this differently. While introducing me to the concept of microcredit and the Grameen Bank model she took me on a journey of empowerment through having access to informal finance channels and a ready cash flow. Through stories, metaphors and succinct step by step examples Viti describes how imparting basic business knowledge and the giving of a microloan can become the catalyst for personal growth and self-empowerment. This then has a ripple effect into family and community.

Viti has great insight and awareness as she outlines her perspectives of good business sense, the importance of accessible microcredit, enabling women to become self-determining and strong role models, creating community solutions and providing educational opportunities. I recommend this book not only to those in business or in community organizations, but to anyone inspired by stories of human potential and transformation.

Judy McGinn Personal and Professional Life Coach May 2013

Thanks for the newsletter, interesting read as was your book. For someone such as myself, with no knowledge or experience in the field, the book was insightful. I liked best, your ability to put ideas and concepts into a tangible framework which can be used in both creative and productive ways. Well done Viti, your energy and enthusiasm is to be admired.

Shirley Papadopoulos - Friend

I decided to purchase your book for 2 reasons, firstly to support you and secondly I was really moved by your decision to donate some of the proceeds in pursuit of women.

What you have done and will continue to do is amazing and this book has given me an even better insight into how your life has evolved since those days of driving to Karratha College and the influences that have helped shape the direction you have gone.

From all the people who have inspired you to all the people you now inspire it must be a most fulfilling feeling and I will certainly be looking forward to hearing of your continued pursuits.

Barbara Bellingham - Friend

I just wanted to touch base to say that I've just read your book and I really enjoyed it ! I found it inspiring and thought provoking. I've learnt more about microfinance, social enterprise, giving circles, philanthropy and what truly great things 'enterprise' can do.

I've spent hours googling since finishing the book ! I said to my wife that I get a sense a seed has been planted in my mind and I now have some ideas of other things I could do here in the Pilbara to benefit others. I'll have to keep you posted !

I just really wanted to say thanks for writing the book and for doing what you do.

Grant Cucel - Board member for Small Business Centres WA

I loved that you included this chapter [Concepts and Contexts] - it explains all of the concepts, making the book accessible to a wider audience.

I am so glad you touched on banking on social change - I very much believe that offering microcredit is not the end of the story and that it is only a part in a deep web of processes that bring about change.

Since considering starting up my own enterprise, your 5 lessons and dart board analogy of the Golden Circle Model really resonated with me and gave me some new bubbles of thought with regard to the establishment of my business.

Your Bear Fruit formula is great and for the past few months has taken pride of place above my computer in order to make me think more about my actions and decisions.

Overall I thought the sequence of the book was really logical and flowed nicely and really enjoyed the conversational tone used to write it - I could imagine you sitting across the table sharing your knowledge and experience with me over a cup of coffee - really accessible.

Jessica Buckley - Communications and Strategic Planning

Thank you for writing your note in the cover of your book.

I thoroughly enjoyed your book and felt the energy of your story and feelings.

My niece Morgan is working with New Hope in Cambodia to deliver a microfinance program to enable higher education.

I spoke to Morgan this evening; another one with energy for people; and I am mailing the book to Morgan (studying medicine in Sydney).

Helen Antonas - Community Development

I first must say, your recognition of your Mother was absolutely warming. Well done, that really hit home. It is very obvious the amount of work, time, thinking space and ingenuity that has gone into this project. To put it all into words in this book is a wonderful effort. I did enjoy and to learn what can be done for the less fortunate who, with such enthusiasm and heart is remarkable.

I am interested to know when these women achieve their post do you follow up once they are up and running and continue alone as would be the case? Thank you for giving me the pleasure of reading this book.

Lynda Sands NZ

I am very much enjoying [your] book so far and I can see all the effort and research which has gone into it.

Amber Smith - Accountant