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Book Description

In 2013, social change facilitator Viti Kay Simmons' first Book, A tree needs water to bear fruit: Enterprising women creating reservoirs for poverty alleviation tapped into the commonalities of women in small business globally. Viti drew on her research expeditions across Australiasia and Nepal to contribute to the conversation about microfinance and a new wave of philanthrophy - one that shifted the ability to make an extraordinary difference to within grasp of many.

Viti contends that hand-outs do not help develop communities; a hand-up is what's needed to achieve self-sustainability.

Bearing Fruit picks up the conversation. While many books theorise about philanthrophy, Bearing Fruit presents theory in practice through the activities of a small charity working in Nepal, HwH and demonstrating what can happen when self-sustainability is done right.

At another level this book is a valuable resource for community development workers providing insightful lessons into community engagement, microfinance and social investment.

It is also a celebration of people; how ten years on, Nepali communities, led by their own entrepreneurial women, have changed.

Book Features:

  • A5 portrait
  • Pages 108
  • Paper back and colour


  1. Economic Empowerment
  2. Women and Enterprise
  3. Microcredit
  4. Microfinance Cooperatives
  5. Developing Self- Sustainability
  6. Social Investment
  7. Community Development
  8. Philanthropy

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