Book 3 Description 15 August 2021 Launch

Viti Kay Simmons' fascinating journey of discovery began in 2001, as she travelled with her father, Robert (Bob) Diamond, and recorded his memoirs to gain an understanding of his mother Keita Diamond (nee Leaf/Maning) and her maternal Māori ascendants from the Hokianga in North Island, New Zealand.

His recourse about his mother, Keita, and family contributions on behalf of his thirteen siblings, would have been lost had she not. Historically, Māori women have rarely been the authors of their own story.

The significance of the birth of Viti Kay's grandmother Keita, referred to as 'beginning another mighty limb' by J Nicholson in his book, White Chief (2006), strengthens as Keita emerges from the mists of time as the centre of five generations in this book.

Research unveiled unspoken traumas and a diversity of tales, sometimes lightened by Robert's wit and humour, which seep through the pages of this book. His story began in the Hokianga, continued to Taumarunui in the King Country, and found peace with his young family in the Timber Town of Manunui.

Launch vignette: Margaret Slade, Philip Garland, Rena Tooi, Carol Garland, Ngaire Slade, Author Viti Simmons, Joaney Paki, Paul Simmons from Perth, Peel and Mid-West Regions of WA.