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Teresa Dean Parkes, Perth WA (Family connections to the content of this book)

"I'm thoroughly enjoying reading Viti Simmons' book - "Hikoi of Discovery". It is a totally absorbing experience delving into the history of the Diamond side of the family. There has obviously been so much hard work and passion poured into this book. It was a wonderful experience and privilege to be able to attend your book launch and meet so many interesting people who were all somehow involved in the writing of your book. Well done Viti xx".18082021

Linda and Herbie Diamond, Sydney NSW (Family connections to the content of this book)

I have been looking through it this afternoon. It's wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated Kay. So enjoyable and a real credit you. 18082021

Ngaire Slade, Perth WA (Family connections to the content of this book)

"Think the one thing I gleaned from your book was how isolated myself and Margaret have been here living in Australia from family . I used to say that the Tasman Ocean was a useful buffer zone (barrier from much of the family politics ). But as time goes by upon reflection  it also makes me quite reminiscent, but not through lack of trying in many cases .  I must say the one thing that broke my heart was the loss of land through lack of rates being paid back in the Hokianga ( not uncommon ) having personally experienced it amongst our whanau. Ngaire 22082021

Max Bowater Perth, WA (Family connections with the King Country content)

Yes indeed - the launch was inspiring, and the book is enthralling !! Thanks Viti. August 20082021

Dee Keys, New Zealand September 2021

Thank you so much for the inscription in your wonderful book. It will be a family heirloom. Dee Keys September 2021

Sylvia Tawhai Taupo NZ

What a Hikoi you have been on. I enjoyed reading this so much; some of your Ngapuhi whanau names are very familiar in Wi's Whakapapa. Wow your dad, what a journey for him. It was hard to put this book down, a lovely bit of history. I felt so drawn into your dad's story. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. X September 09092021 FBM

Jos Wheeler, Auckland NZ

Kia ora Whaea Viti, thank you. I look forward to reading it. Yes, I have read White Chief, an interesting life indeed. It's such a shame there isn't more information recorded about Moengaroa; I have also hunted down many of Maning's other writings, including letters to the Auckland Museum and his friend John Logan Campbell. For the last four (4) years, I have lived between Tamaki and Hokianga. Because of my photography, I have attended much hui in Whirinaki and made a few connections with whanaunga of my Uncle/cousins. Something you may find interesting is that although my uncle had never come back to Hokianga. He was aware of and continued to research his whakapapa from his Te Hikutu side, and amongst his notes relating to Hauraki, Maning is a handwritten list of the 14 children of Keita Leef. Am I correct to say (from what I have read on the Te Hikutu Hapū Whānau FB post) that your father is one of those 14?  I look forward to [or] talking further and perhaps meeting you kanohi ki the kanohi/ face to face one day. Email September 09092021

Wendy McCallum, Thames NZ

Morena Viti has finally been able to access our PO Box after our lockdown and restrictions. Very excited to see my book has arrived. I am really looking forward to reading it, especially since I read the few comments from cousins who were lucky enough to have it delivered pre/early lockdown. Cousin Judy has given her Copy to Dad to read, and he has already mentioned a few passages to me about things he remembers [stories] of Uncle Bob talking to him about.  Warm regards, September 10092021. 

Barb & Bob Bellingham Perth WA

We were very honoured to have been a part of your book launch and congratulate you on your book, a wonderful achievement.  It was an engaging read, and I found it especially interesting as Bob and I had visited that region (as you know) when we were 20.  I have only just posted Kelly and Chris's book off to them.  I did not want to tell Kelly that she had her book as she did ask if I could send her mine when I had finished, so she was quite chuffed.  September 17092021

Lynette Rawiri, Auckland NZ

Yes, I have received [your book], I was shocked to read this lovely book; as I turned the first page, I realized you are my whanauga/ family. How wonderful. I come of Mereana Otene and George Terewhare Leaf their daughter Hemo- Susan is my mother's Karani ma her husband is Kereopa Paetau my mums Karani pa.  His son is Ko Paki Kereopa Paetau-my mum's dad-oh my.  Here's another twist.  Karani pa George's sister is Margarethe Leaf, who married my dads GGF Tautari Rawiri that makes mum and Dad 3rd cousins. What a crazy mind-boggling world we are in. Thank you, Blessings to you. September 2021

Susan Keys Whakatane NZ

I enjoyed reading your book. I had it read in a night. [It} brought back many happy memories. [I] am really quite excited about the possibility of another book. Thank you. 7092021